Grammar: Sequence of Tenses

Objectives: By the end of this unit, students should be able to use active vocabulary of this theme in different forms of speech exercises.

Students should be better at discussing history of Kazakhstan.

Students should know the rule of Sequence of Tenses.

Methodical instructions: This theme must be worked out during three lessons a Grammar: Sequence of Tenses week according to timetable.

Lexical material: Introduce and fix new vocabulary on theme “History of Kazakhstan”. Discuss in groups the history of the country. Speak about the most important events of our country.

Grammar: Introduce and practice Sequence of Tenses.


The young sovereign state and its economy have Grammar: Sequence of Tenses set out on a new course in whiемch the social organism and the whole complex of politi­cal and economic relations are being completely reorganized. The development of democracy, new property-ownership relations, and the steady move towards a market economy are creating favorable condi­tions for the emergence of Grammar: Sequence of Tenses a strong national state. As reality demands, the society and economy are more and more assuming an open charac­ter. But at the same time it is vital to take into account the traditions and psychology of the people, as well as the negative effects of the Grammar: Sequence of Tenses totalitarian regime on the mentality and attitudes of the population, which to some extent are nowadays obstacles in the way of change and more rapid progress.

The President of the Republic, Nursultan Nazarbaev, defining the strategy of Kazakhstan's development, said:

‘Fate has decreed that the time of difficult decisions on Grammar: Sequence of Tenses the radical re-organization of life should fall to our lot. The totalitarian society created over many years by the Communist regime collapsed literally before our eyes, and without any tangible outside pressure. The main reason for this lay in the fact that...from the very beginning in Grammar: Sequence of Tenses the for­mer USSR, the Soviet people never really felt that they were the true masters of their lives, their property, their country.”

Remembering that the policy of denationalization of the Soviet period brought the Kazakh nation to the brink of catastrophe and extinction, the government is paying serious attention Grammar: Sequence of Tenses to the revival of the national culture and language, and to the renewal of spir­itual and cultural ties with the Kazakh Diaspora, forced to leave Kazakhstan at various times in the past century.

The multi-party system is the decisive force in the democratic transformation Grammar: Sequence of Tenses and consolidation of the multinational society. The adoption of such a system will lead to the emergence of new political activists and leaders.

The most important political aims, and the main condition for the realization of economic reforms, are the preservation of stability in the country and the conclusion of Grammar: Sequence of Tenses military, political and economic alliances that will guarantee the security and the sovereignty of Kazakhstan,

The advantageous geopolitical position of Kazakhstan, facilitating trade and political ties with both Europe and Asia, can be used for linking Europe, the Central Asian part of the former USSR and other parts Grammar: Sequence of Tenses of Asia.

The country's internal tasks are closely related to the fact that for the first time in its recent history it has real conditions for all-round development, for the rebirth of the Kazakh nation and other national­ities of the republic.

Topical vocabulary

1. to set out установить Grammar: Sequence of Tenses
2. steady market economy устойчивый экономический рынок
3. emergence возникновение
4. to assume полагать
5. vital актуальный
6. obstacles препятствия
7. to define the strategy найти стратегию
8. fate судьба
9. to decree издавать
10. collapse обвал, разрушение
11. tangible pressure осязаемое давление
12. extinction вымирание
13. forced to leave обязаны покинуть
14. decisive force решающая сила
15. adoption принятие
16. to lead to привести Grammar: Sequence of Tenses к ...
17. economic alliances экономические союзы
18. trade торговля
19. rebirth of возрождение

Ex.1. Read and summarize the text.

Ex.2. Suggest the Kazakh equivalents.

The young sovereign state, the whole complex of politi­cal and economic relations, new property-ownership relations, favorable condi­tions for the emergence, to take into account Grammar: Sequence of Tenses the traditions, as reality demands, rapid progress, the time of difficult decisions, before our eyes, the revival of the national culture and language, guarantee the security, tasks are closely related to the fact.